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Vishal's Prakruthi Nivas

612 Independant Houses at Annaram Village Oppsite Dundigal Air Force Academy

“There is no end to nature, but every end has a beginning” - R.W Emerson.

Build with a vision

He had a valid reason and vision to say that; because we exist within nature. It is unique to nature to give us new ways to exercise our atrophied organs of aesthetic enjoyment. Nature gives us much needed respite from fast paced daily routine.

Brain child of Vishal Projects

'Prakruthi Nivas', the brain child of Vishal Projects Ltd, is the right place for people seeking a serene resting ambience after a hard day's toil. The residential layout has everything you dream of - cozy comfort, enchanting surroundings and endearing amenities.

A colony with 612 independent houses

Prakruthi Nivas is an expansive colony of 612 independent houses is a ready to occupy mega project. This includes four bedroom, three bedroom, and two bedroom independent houses and and Duplex Houses. Prakruthi Nivas located just 17 km away from Balanagar, situated opposite to Air Force Academy Dindigal, is a pleasant explosion of flora and fauna.

Eco - Friendly

‘Prakruthi Nivas', an eco-friendly project, offers a wide range of residential accommodation to suit your budget. Area of the plots and plinth area of the houses range from 150 sy to 266 sy and 892 sft to 1500 sft respectively. All the houses in the colony are designed by reputed and vastly experienced architects to ensure a high standard of living to its residents.

Luxury, Comfort and Amenities

If you reside at 'Prakruthi Nivas' you experience the luxury you have always been yearning for. Moreover, the cacophony of downtown city does not bother you. You tend to lose yourself in an atmosphere that is at once enduringly enthralling and endlessly bedazzling. And you are not far from some of the famous landmarks, namely, Satyam Technology Center, Granuels India, Varni Group of Industries, St. Francis Post Graduate College, Sunder Chaitanya Ashram and Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashram, etc.


'Prakruthi Nivas' resembles what Vishal Projects Ltd., is always known for. We strive for novelty of concept and quality of execution. With about 12 years of real estate behind them, Vishal Projects Ltd., has singularly been instrumental in bettering the dignity of living of a considerably large chunk of the denizens of Hyderabad. The numerous projects, conceived and executed by the organisation, speak volume of its unflinching commitment to the cause that is dear to its heart.


Providing qualitative and affordable living comfort to its customers


Not building just long lasting houses; but to build ever lasting relationship with commitment!

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