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Social Responsibility


To establish maintain, run, develop YOGA CENTRES AND INSTITUTIONS in any part of India and to impart special training in YOGA to people of all castes and creeds for the betterment of their health and general living conditions.


To promote quality education facilities in rural areas and to the deprived segments of the society and making sure that they can earn their bread on their own without depending on anybody.

Rural Service

To develop rural areas, to organize training programs on sanitation, improving the conditions of environment, to implement schemes for aforestation, to improve horticulture, agriculture, sheep rearing, artisans, weaving, pottery, carpentry, basket making and to conceive and implement employment generation schemes for self employment of the rural and backward sections of the society.

The Poor

To assist and provide for the poor by constructing Community Halls, Rest Houses etc., to conduct centers for feeding of the poor and to grant donations for the support of the inmates of orphanages and rehabilitation centers and similar institutions. The poor may also be assisted by way of teaching of crafts, engineering and similar skills and industrial training including on-the-job training.

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