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The History and the pursuit of perfection may seem like a vigorous affair, but for us at Vishal Projects, it is just another day at work. We believe in delivering the best, be it in terms of quality residential layouts we offer with them.

Vishal Projects epitomizes "passion at work" in totality. For us it is not only a catch phrase which sounds just right, rather we all strive to live it daily. It serves as our compass which guides us towards creating world class quality housing layouts and workmanship. It guides us to be transparent in all our dealings and adhere to delivery on time, each time.

We draw heavily from the innate qualities of our founder chairman, Mr.Sridhar Rao in imbibing and actually living the brand. Simply put, this means that we do not cut corners towards making best - in - class products. Our work revolves around creating "quality" with immense passion like Mr.Sridhar Rao himself - the realtor extraordinaire, who revolutionized the way people perceive quality in realty sector. Mr.Sridhar Rao came up the corporate ladder in a very systematic way going through all the steps of realty sector with absolute conviction. He is well versed with the sentiments, emotions and also the non-scientific and haphazard approach of the people associated. He with his managerial skills and temperament molded every area of work along with the people involved in it to make Vishal Projects a fully professional oriented and system driven company today.

As we peep into the future, we remain firmly committed towards creating affordable urban living spaces where people can live, work and play smart. The role and leadership of Mr.Sridhar Rao drives the company on a path to success.

At Vihsal Projects, We are acutely conscious of the fact that due to rapid urbanization, there are huge challenges and as responsible real estate player we shall continue to provide intelligent solutions in a manner which is sustainable.

At Vishal Projects we rely on our people, their capacities to innovate and use of technology to create immense value for all our stakeholders. We will continue to raise the bar and set new standards in the industry to strengthen this goal of ours.

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